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It was 1970 when my dad decided to open his third bakery in Long Island, New York. I was thirteen years old, and my first summer job was about to begin. At the end of the summer, the build-out of the bakery was finished, and we were almost about ready to open for business. The storefront windows were blocked out with Johnson & Johnson window wax, and we were baking butter cookies to fill the bakery cases. Back then, the most important thing was to have the bottom shelf of all the cases filled with butter cookies. I’ll never forget, we started out with 2 bags of flour, 1bag granulated sugar, bag of confectioners sugar, cube of shortening, flavoring and two cans of eggs. People were walking by and could smell the aroma of fresh cookies baking. Continuous banging on the door forced us to open prematurely. At the time my mother was a pattern maker and my older brother was in college. Yes you guessed it, my father made them an offer they couldn’t refuse, They were drafted!


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